Efehan Elbi
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Efehan Elbi
Animation & Short Films
Jessica experiences her first date, her first kiss, and her first heartache after an unforgettable evening in the storm.
A ship launches into space, and someone reminsces of the planet below.
Two best of friends dream of a future based on their personal hero, though only one of them has sort of read the book.

After an amazing tour, Rainfall has screened across the two continents at amazing festivals in three countries, and has won four awards on its festival circuit.

- July 12th, 2017

A novel about friendship and universes. Lain, recently dumped, answers an online ad seeking an investigative partner for a mystery mission.
Containing issues 1, 2, and 3, Jessica attends her first birthday party with the other kids, and we dive into the mystery of the school and their audio-only guardian, Mom.
Issue 4. Jessica emerges from she shell as she makes new friends.
Issue 5. Jessica is selected as leader for the year end ceremony.
Ancestors One final launch from Earth. A music video for Jed Whedon & the Willing's "Ancestors".
Felicia Day's The Flog Intro animation for Felicia's inaugural vlog show on G&S.
Written By A Kid: Ep 5 Episode 5, "Cold East", of the Geek & Sundry, in which a foul mouthed tomato invades a fridge. All episodes were written by kids and visualized by a different artist.
Jaimie: See The Real Me Visual effects and animation over Jaimie's story of the real her for Clean&Clear
Johnson's Baby: MythConceptions Animations for each episode of Baby MythConceptions, where a famous mom tackles common misbeliefs relating to baby products.
Learning Town: Ain't Good Enough Compositing and arrangement for a music video starring the wonderful Bresha Webb for Geek & Sundry's comedy "Learning Town".
Fireplace An animated fireplace for those who like their domesticated fire on a screen or can't have it in the real world.
Sleet & Snow A pre-Moonlines short story, told by Molly C. Quinn and illustrated by Jennie Ziemianin.
Calamitous Orphan Featured as a winning submission on Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog official DVD, this is just a young guy's fervent plea to join the Evil League of Evil.
TEDx Toronto
Stage Graphics
Created live motion HTML/CSS/Canvas animations to play onstage at TEDx Toronto, 2014.

A few of the talented groups of people I've had the opportunity to work with!

Skilled People
Aaron Manczyk Comic artist / Mercenary
Zak Tatham Visual wizard
Jennie Ziemianin Artist / Rune master
Jesi the Elder Video/Installation magician
Adam Levermore Illustrator and Designer
Patrick Gray Illustrator
Hannah Browne Brooch Boyfriends / Designer