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Efehan Elbi Animator & Artist

I'm an animator, filmmaker, and digital artist.

I love learning new mediums and styles. I've been honoured with film screenings and awards across the globe. I'm very interdisciplinary, and I love writing, making books and art, and creating music whenever I can.

Feel free to check out my animation reel.

Highlighted film
Odd Squad, Season 2.5 Illustration and motion graphis on the third season of this amazing show.
The Adventures of Napkin Man! Compositing on the wonderful Napkin characters inhabiting the stories in this class.
House of Anansi, Holiday 2017 Animated my colleague Patrick's gorgeous illustrations for this fun holiday promo.
Northern California Grantmakers A fun, animated explainer.
Felicia Day's The Flog Intro animation for Felicia's inaugural vlog show on G&S.
Written By A Kid: Ep 5 Episode 5, "Cold East", of the Geek & Sundry, in which a foul mouthed tomato invades a fridge. All episodes were written by kids and visualized by a different artist.
Johnson's Baby: MythConceptions Animations for each episode of Baby MythConceptions, where a famous mom tackles common misbeliefs relating to baby products.
Learning Town: Ain't Good Enough Compositing and arrangement for a music video starring the wonderful Bresha Webb for Geek & Sundry's comedy "Learning Town".
8 Bit Fireplace An animated 8 bit fireplace for those who like their domesticated fire on a screen or can't have it in the real world.
Sleet & Snow A pre-Moonlines short story, told by Molly C. Quinn and illustrated by Jennie Ziemianin.
Calamitous Orphan Featured as a winning submission on Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog official DVD, this is just a young guy's fervent plea to join the Evil League of Evil.
Genevieve A series of graphic novels set in an secluded school where the students have never left and are overseen by a single audio parent named "mom".
Moonlines A novel about friendships and universes, available in print, and as an eBook from all major channels.
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